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You may have noticed that after only a few days of showering your towels need another wash. The reason your towels smell bad is because they take too long to dry. A wet towel provides the perfect home for mold and bacteria to move into. As you know, bacteria and mold can be nasty stuff. Even the bacteria on your towels has the potential to make you sick. Lucky for you, there is a solution. Dry your towels faster!

The Problem with Conventional Towel Bars. You  have at least one towel bar in each of your bathrooms. If towel bars were designed for drying your towels efficiently, your towels would not stink after hanging there for only a short period of time. The problem is in the design of the conventional bathroom towel bar. If you want your towels to dry fast, you need to expose them to as much air as possible and avoid folding them in half. Space can be very limited in bathrooms and often more than one towel has to be hung on the same bar. This leads to bunched up, improperly hung towels that stay wet and smell bad.

Image showing 4 photos. From left to right: a gray towel spans the full width of a conventional towel rack but still has bunches, a towel rack with 2 towels each folded in half and slightly overlapping, a towel hanging in a towel ring, and a double towel rod with two towel hanging one in front of the other. Each picture has a letter "A" through "D."

A. Single bar with one towel - Often times, these bars are not long enough to accommodate the full width of a towel without taking up over 30" of wall space. A standard size towel will not fit on the bar without being bunched or folded. Folds and bunches will trap moisture and grow bacteria and/or mold. 

B. Single bar with two towels - Taking up 24" of wall space, this towel bar still cannot accommodate two towels without folding. Folded towels do not dry evenly and trap in moisture.

C. Hooks or rings - This method of hanging your towel will take significantly longer to dry compared to conventional bars. Moisture cannot easily escape from between the creases that form and will grow nasty smelling mold and bacteria. If you shower every day and dry your towel on a hook or ring, there is a good chance it will never completely dry between uses.

D. Double bar with two towels - Moisture can still get trapped between the two towels and any bunches that may occur. Hanging your towels like this makes it easy for bacteria or fungus to travel from one persons towel to the other.

The Fix for Stinky Towels and Cluttered Bathrooms
It has become apparent that the only way to keep your towels fresh without washing them multiple times a week is to redesign the bathroom towel bar. The Tinker Towel Bar is a towel bar unlike any other you have seen before. The Tinker Towel Bar is designed to expose your towel to as much air as possible. With your towel wrapped nearly 360 degrees around the bar, you are allowing it to dry faster and save space. Each Tinker Towel towel bar holds one towel and has a single mounting point designed to actually dry your towel faster, keeping it fresh for longer in smaller spaces than you ever could before.
Image showing features of a Tinker Towel Bar.  Curved edges grip towel to prevent slipping. Adjustable to five positions. Single mounting point saves space.
Washing Towels is Wasteful and Expensive
Every time you wash a load of laundry you are using electricity, gallons of water, and laundry detergent. Plus, every time you wash your towel, you are reducing its life and fading its color. How much water are we wasting unnecessarily washing our towels? We discovered that approximately 21.7% of the water used in the average American household is used for laundry. According to the Energy Star website, the average full size, energy efficient washer uses 13 gallons of water per load. That may not seem like a lot of water, but within a large population of people it can be huge. According to city-data.com there were approximately 3,241,204 individual residences in Los Angeles County, California in 2010. If every residence could eliminate one load of laundry per week, they would conserve a total of 182,587,825 gallons of water per month!
Image of a man piling a mountain of dirty towels onto a laundry cart.

The Simple Solution to Boring Bathrooms

The Tinker Towel bathroom towel bar provides you with the freedom to show your artistic side by hanging your towel in a variety of ways. Each member of your family, having their own towel bar, can hang their towel in a way that fits their personality because you can now hang more towel bars in your bathroom than ever before.

Four beige towels hanging on Tinker Towel Bars to dry. Decorative flowers are placed on top. Eoc-friendly emphasis.

"I used to get so frustrated with how fast my lightly used towels would smell sour after washing. Its like they never completely dried. I'm really amazed at how fast my towels dry now and how they continue to smell fresh between washes."
-Mike S.  Vernal, UT

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Product image showing a Chrome Tinker Towel Bar.

Prestine Chrome

Our next-level mirror finish is quality like you have never seen before. You truly have to see it to believe it.  

$60.00 for 1 $105.00 for 2!

Product image showing our unique Antique Bronze towel bar.

Antique Bronze

A modern twist on this classic finish can spruce up your elegant vintage bathroom. Hand-brushed with dark accents.

$60.00 for 1 $105.00 for 2!

Product image showing a Tinker Towel Bar in Satin Nickel finish.

Satin Nickel

A great fit for bathrooms with brushed nickel or satin features. Each bar is brushed by hand to ensure the highest standards.

$60.00 for 1 $105.00 for 2!

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